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How Do I Get A Borderton Australian Shepherd Puppy?


At Borderton Kennels, we are rigorous in screening and selecting the right home for each animal.

HOW DO I GET A BORDERTON PUPPY , I hear you ask????

In this busy world we live in and people wanting quick responses, we feel that by having the basic outline of how we work and time frame on here is the easiest and quickest way to ensure everyone gets information fast and everyone also gets the SAME information. a GREAT article to read written here in Perth collated information by many Australian Breeders, myself included 'Living with an Australian Shepherd'

All our breedings are carefully, selected bloodlines from around the world, and follow the Australian National Kennel Council breed standard ( ) our criteria and standards are high, like anything people are passionate about. Our passion are Australian Shepherds. Of course we don't keep whole litters, so anything we don’t consider for keeping ourselves, become available as pets on limit register. Occasionally we might have an additional pup suitable to be shown and could be available on co ownership contract.

There is no price difference for male / female or colour variation it does not cost me any more or less to raise one sex / colour over another.

Pregnancy and puppy announcements will be posted on the Facebook page and instagram as things progress, we do try and keep our followers as current as possible and are inclusive as possible, so you too can feel part of the litters development (We DO NOT keep a waitlist) Our puppies are born in our home and raised around our family, before visiting outside for even more new experiences at approx 4-5weeks. We share pics and videos as we go along, keep in mind this is time consuming and we take raising our puppies very seriously, and dedicate a lot of time into our pups. We raise all our puppies with the puppy culture protocols and strongly encourage that prospective new owners are versed in ‘puppy culture’ theories and training. This will most certainly assist you with raising your rambunctious Australian Shepherd puppy to be confident and well socialised.

We get high number of enquiries, and not always are we the right breeder for you/ timing not right/colour/sex not your preference. Once an application is filled in and you will be invited to come out and visit puppies as part of our socialisation process. Puppies will still be too young to fulfill all of the evaluations and health checks. 

Our puppies will complete various vet checks and multiple evaluations by the time they are 8 weeks old. These checks and evaluations usually start between 6-7 weeks of age and puppies are usually ready to fly the coop between 8-9weeks of age.

ONLY once we know each pups health stats and personality will we match puppies to new owners. This must be a truthful application as it is this basic information that gives me an idea as to if I think the breed is right for you and that I might have a potential puppy, that fits in with what your after. If I think I have a potential match then we then arrange visit and go from there.

We do NOT keep a waitlist, our aim and priority is to match each puppy to his / her perfect home. Looking for your next best friend is not like shopping for your next hand bag. So many variables must be taken into consideration, as it’s a commitment for the next 12-15yrs

We are open to interstate and international homes by prior arrangement only, due to the extra time they must reside before being old enough to leave. This must fit into our plans. This does not take into consideration any covid restrictions.

Please remember not every application will be successful as there are only so many puppies and not every puppy suits everyone, there will always be another future Borderton litter, older puppy or sometimes an adult.

If considering buying a puppy from us at Borderton, please feel free to verify our ANKC membership status (member number: 6100050237. Please contact Dogswest on email: if you wish to verify our membership.

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